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Island Hopping

Boracay Island Hopping is one of the best ways to explore the wonders of Boracay, the best beach-island in the world. Take a boat trip around the main for sightseeing, with stopovers at the different "stations", enjoy drinks, lunch, swimming and snorkeling.

Wind conditions sometimes makes boating on one or the other side of Boracay Island unsafe, but either coast has enough beaches, snorkeling areas and scenic view for an exciting Boracay trip.

A 15-minute boat ride from Boracay White Beach will take you to Crystal Cove on Laurel Island. Laurel island, located in the Tabon Strait that separates Boracay from Caticlan, Aklan on Panay Island, has concrete paths that allow you to explore most of the island, including two small caves, many large concrete sculptures of animals and strange, mythological figures.

Mt. Pinatubo Adventure

Mt. Pinatubo is an active volcano that became popularly known for its 1991 eruption, considered to be the biggest land volcano eruption of the 20th century.

In December 27, 1994, the first documented trek and exploration of Mount Pinatubo’s volcano was made by the members of the then Congress Mountaineers . It then became an adventure trek spot and frequented by mountaineers and backpackers, for its picturesque volcano crater with majestic blue green waters.


An island province in the Philippines, Palawan is bordered by the South China Sea and Sulu Sea. It is known for its lush landscapes and seascapes. The beautiful beaches and variety of plant and animal species are just some of the reasons Palawan is a popular destination in Asia.

Discover more of Puerto Princesa's wonderful attractions:

  • Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
  • Puerto Princesa Bay
  • Honda Bay
  • Ulugan Bay
  • Immaculate Conception Cathedral
  • Crocodile Farm
  • Iwahig Penal Colony


Baguio City, Philippines is the Philippine's summer capital. This highland city becomes home to domestic and international tourists alike during the summer months of March to June, especially during the Lenten season or when temperatures at sea level soar.

Every February, the much awaited Panagbenga Festival likewise attracts thousands of visitors. Focusing on Baguio as the flower garden city of the north, highlights of the weeklong celebration include the parade of floats adorned with flowers, exhibits, lectures, shows, dancing competition and other contests.

Historic Cebu

Cebu City, its capital, also known as the Queen City of the South, is the oldest and second most important city in terms of business and tourism in the country. Cebu’s top tourist draws are its world-class beach resorts. Metropolitan Cebu is also composed of the adjoining cities of Mandaue and Lapu-lapu. Cebu is the Country’s oldest Spanish settlement, dating from 1565 when Miguel Lopez de Legaspi established a permanent habitation first known as Santissimo Nobre de Jesus. It was actually the capital of the new city of Manila, was established in Luzon in 1517.

Davao Adventure

Davao City is Mindanao’s premier city and the gateway to the region’s attractions. At 244,000 hectares, it is the world’s largest city in terms of land area; its boundaries encompass commercial areas as well as beaches, mountains, and forests. The city was developed during the early 1900s when Japanese migrants set up plantations along its shores, taking advantage of the rich volcanic soil. Nowadays, Davao is considered as one of Asia’s best cities; its been rated by some regional publications as one of the most livable cities in the region. It’s also blessed by a mild climate that’s rarely affected by typhoons.

  • Eden Nature Park
    A 40-hectare mountain resort located 3,000 feet above sea level. It houses an amphitheater, hiking and jogging trails, swimming pool, and fishing village. It also has flower, prayer herb, and vegetable gardens; tree nursery; as well as an animal sanctuary and playground.
  • Philippine Eagle Center
    The center is home to 32 Philippine Eagles and other animals. It offers visitors a glimpse of the country’s forest ecosystem and educates them on how to help conserve nature.
  • Malagos Orchid Garden
    A garden resort that features an interactive bird show, bird park, butterfly sanctuary, orchid farm, petting zoo, and more.
  • Davao Crocodile Park
    The park showcases a state-of-the-art crocodile farming system and features other exotic animal species, like raptors, monkeys, bearcats, snakes, birds, and other reptiles.
  • Davao Wildwater Adventure
    This promotes water sports, particularly the white water rafting with the Davao River as the playground. It aims to promote ecotourism, bringing people closer to nature and creating awareness about the river.

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