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Mountainous Abra is the home of the Itneg or Tingguian cultural group, who were once well known for their indigenous, weaves which made use of native dyes. Nowadays, the province is also home to numerous Ilocano settlers. Much of Abra’s landscape is ruggedly mountainous, as the region is already part of the vast Cordillera chain. The capital of Bangued has a cathedral (built I 722) and Victory Park atop Casamata Hill, which has fine views. In San Quintin is the so-called Footprint of Angalo, said to be that of a legendary giant. Pidigan has brick church ruins, while in Tayum is the Abra Museum, which has interesting relics. Natural dyeing, a native industry, has been revived in Peñarrubia, where dyes are derived from local plants.

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