How to have fun visiting the Philippines' 7,107 islands.

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Isabela is known for its tobacco fields and mountain rainforests. Facing the Pacific Ocean, the nearly 400,000-hectare Northern Sierra Madre National Park is one of the world’s last eco-sanctuaries. The lush rainforest canopy covering the mountain range is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna, and until recently, was also a major source of lumber - both legal and illegal. The massive Magat High Dam, on the other hand, was once considered as the biggest in Asia. The remote Palanan Wilderness Area is home to the Negrito Dumagat tribe, said to be part of the earliest race to migrate to Philippine shores, and endangered bird species. The town of the same name is famous in history as the place where the Americans finally captured General Emilio Aguinaldo in 1901. Spanish-era structures include the San Pablo Ruins and Tumauini Church, which has a cylindrical belfry and wedding cake-like facade unparalleled in the country. It’s now considered as one of the country’s most outstanding historical churches.

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