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Cavite is revered as the birthplace of the Republic. Many of the events associated with the Philippine Revolution occurred here. At Kawit is the balcony of the Aguinaldo Mansion, where the Independence of the Philippines was proclaimed on June l2, 1898 by General Emilio Aguinaldo. The first president of the ill-fated Philippine Republic, the General’s house is now a national shrine featuring mementoes of Aguinaldo.

Aguinaldo Mansion a National shrine
Balcony of the Aguinaldo Mansion, where the independence of the Philippines was proclaimed on June l2, 1898 by General Emilio Aguinaldo
Emilio Aguinaldo Monument in front of Aguinaldo Mansion
Monument in honor of the Battle of Binakayan

Tejeros between Rosario and General Trias was the site of a convention of leading revolutionaries, which included Andres Bonifacio. Markers recall battles at Binakayan and Alapan (where the Filipino flag was first unfurled).

Cavite is also synonymous with Tagaytay City, which is situated 688 meters above sea level and which has the best views of Taal Lake and Volcano. Upon the mountain ridges are picturesque fruit plantations, flower farms, private gardens, retreat houses and resorts all taking advantage of the city’s cool, near-alpine climate. Known as The Rock, Corregidor Island was the last stronghold of American and Filipino resistance fighters until their surrender to the Japanese imperial forces in May 1942.

The tadpole-shaped island is politically part of Cavite City, not Bataan as commonly assumed. Points of interest include the Light and Sound Show at Malinta Tunnel, the mortars in the different batteries, Pacific War Memorial, Spanish Lighthouse, and the new Filipino Heroes Memorial. The province’s coastline has some fine beaches with world-class resorts, particularly at Naic and Ternate. Other interesting spots include Spanish-era Fort San Felipe in Cavite City; the Geronimo Berenguer de los Reyes Jr. (GBR} Museum of historical relics in General Trias; and Mount Buntis, where the Bonifacio brothers were executed Jesuit missionaries were active in Cavite during the Spanish era. Testaments to their legacy are the old churches of Silang and Maragondon, both of which have preserved interiors. At Cavite City is the San Roque Church, which houses the venerated icon of Our Lady of Porta Vaga. In the town of Alfonso are the famed firewalkers, a group of elderly people who walk through a bed of red-hot coals as part of an old religious ritual. Known as sanghiyang, the ritual is a local phenomenon found only in this community.

Aside from being a historical site, Binakayan Kawit, Cavite is also where one will find Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park, a 36-hectare Mediterranean inspired island. Island Cove facilities include the Oceania Water Park, the Animal Island, the Island Songs KTV, the Adventure Activity Zone, the Fishing Village, and the Island Spa. It also has the outdoor giant chess set, the play ground, and Concert Park.

Children's Pool at Island Cove Oceania Water Park
Island Cove Oceania Water Park
Island Cove Crocodile Farm
Crocodiles at Island Cove Crocodile Farm
Island Cove Ostrich and Cassowary Farm
Island Cove Animal Island
Island Cove Cassowary
Island Cove Crocodile Farm

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