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The newly separated provinces of Kalinga and Apayao are home to forests, mountain ranges, waterfalls, winding rivers and rice terraces as well as the Kalinga and Isneg communities. Its been said that when the two provinces were still one, the geographical boundaries resembled a profile of a former president.

In Kalinga is the Chico River Valley with Mount Mantlng-oy, known as Sleeping Beauty due to its resemblance to a reclining woman. The Chico River has several tributaries: Bunog River in Tinglayan in the south, the Tanudan and Biga Rivers in the east, Pasil River in the middle, Mabaca and Saltan Rivers in the north. The people of Kalinga are the most extensive rice farmers of the Cordillera peoples, having been blessed with some of the most suitable land for both wet and dry rice farming. Except for the Ifugaos, the Kalingas are the most extensive terrace builders in the country. The Kalingas are also skilled potters with pot making concentrated in the lower Chico River Valley. They are also excellent in basket and loom weaving and metal works.

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